Friday, June 4, 2010

This past Wednesday, basketball player Dwayne Wade has gotten temporary custody of his two sons Zion and Zaire. The divorce is clearly getting to his soon-to-be ex wife Siovaughn Wade because she has caused major problems with allowing Dwayne to see his sons on more than one occasion. Chicago B.S. reports:

“The Court is troubled by the continuing pattern of Siovaughn Wade to obey court orders when they go her way and disobey court orders when they do not,” wrote Associate Judge Fe Fernandez in the order. Dwyane Wade is not only seeking a divorce, but full custody of the boys.

Before leaving Miami on Tuesday, the NBA star said he was looking forward to spending as much time as possible with the boys, saying settling four civil cases at once in South Florida allowed his sons “to get their daddy back” for the summer.

Another hearing is scheduled for later this month on both the divorce and custody cases. Wade is hopeful the divorce can be granted perhaps as early as late June, and the custody trial has been scheduled to begin July 19 in Chicago. Wade is expected to exercise his right to become a free agent on July 1, and has said he wants to remain with the Heat.

Full custody? Dwayne is not playing around. You really can't get between a father and his kids. It takes a lot for a judge to take a mother's children away from her (custody wise), so Siovaughn is messin' up big time. My advice: get it together honey before things get nasty and you end up with NO custody for your two sons.

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