Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It looks like these divorce rumors aren't fake and going away. Apparently both Spencer and Heidi believe that eachother have been cheating on eachother. Heidi has even gone so far as to hiring a private investigator to track Spencer and to expose whether or not he's cheating. A source says:

“They are definitely friends and I don’t know if there is anything more to it than that, but Spencer believes there is, the source said. “He’s certain there is.”

“She’s just getting organized on a few things, and then it will be filed,” the source reveals. “She felt she had to get the separation petition done in a rush last week to stop the money flow.” Under California law, community property ends on the date of separation. “Heidi is very concerned about the finances,” the source says. “Everybody knows she’s made more money than Spencer. She needs to protect it.”

One of Heidi’s major concerns, the source reveals, is that Spencer has been seeing another woman since their split in May. “She is very anxious to find out if her suspicions and the rumors are true, especially if he’s spent any money on another woman. “Heidi has hired a former member of the sheriff department, who now works as a private investigator, to look into it,” the source reveals. “It is really important to Heidi to find out if Spencer has been cheating on her.”

All I can do is shake my damn head at this situation. What honestly took them so long to see they're HORRIBLE for eachother and that Spencer is a damn lunatic who has lost his mind for years now?

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