Thursday, June 10, 2010

Globe Magazine has published pictures of the now deceased Gary Coleman just shortly before dying in the hospital after his wife/ex wife/whatever she claims she was pulled the plug. Shannon sold the picture for $10,000 to the magazine claiming that she was not the cause for his death. Her reasoning for selling the pictures: to cover the cost of lawyers -___________- Her shady story of how his accidently was that he somehow fell down all the stairs and hit his head. Once again, make this face with me --> -________-. What kind of "wife" who swears she loves Gary takes not one, not two, but FOUR photos with her next to him while he's in a coma? AND one of the photos was of him after he was taken off of life support. This woman is SICK.

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☻TABOO♥ said...

Wow... this is truly heartbreaking. SMH NOONE should have to be exposed like this. Wow.

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