Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We all know someone who fits RIGHT into each category. I know I sure do SMFH.
FRIEND & HOMIE HATERS - These are the type of haters that kick it with you. They with you Everyday. They are there next to you everywhere you go so they know how you are and everything. They support you of course, but jealously comes along into play. They want you to be successful but they dont wanna be left out or they want some of that shine too. For example, say a dude is gonna become a successful rapper, he has a homie that is always there that supports him. But he sees all the shine that he gets and gets jealous because he aint tried to do sh*t with his life to be successful. Another example, say your two home girls go out to the club, one home girl eyes a dude but in reality the dude likes the other homegirl and goes and talks to her, so what the first homegirl will do is cockblock and say some sh*t like “f*ck that n*gga he just a filthy and horny ass dog! And he aint even cute!” Remember to see who you friends are. And just lie @FlyMrWhite said, check you team, kick that lazy one out.
INCOMPETENT & IGNORANT HATERS – Of course everyone wants to be successful and get a good education to get them where they need to be. It is definitely not a bad thing. Now theres haters that did not choose to educate themselves or even try to learn new things just so they could be that cool n*gga thats too cool for school. So now that someone is educated, these haters will make fun of you and hate on you for being educated. To me, there is nothing wrong with you being educated, it just makes you someone that cares about their future. But since they see that you ar trying to better yourself, they think you think that you are better that everyone else. Ex. “Oh n*gga so you think u can read that you all high and mighty and better than us? Dont forget where you came from cause here you still ain’t sh*t.” Ignorance just kills me these days.
FAMILY HATERS – A family hater is someone that really does want you to be successful. But they are gonna do sh*t sometimes where you need to do something but they somehow block you from doing it and try using that family guilt to keep you from doing things that you are suppose to do. They will do it in a discreet and secretive way that you wouldnt even know they low key are hatin. Ex. Say you finally have some free time and wanna kick it with your friends, but your dad finally has free time and wanna spend time with you too. You made plans with your friends first so hes gonna try to say some sh*t like, “the whole family is gonna be spending time with each other today, your gonna go off with your friends?” The sh*tty part is, the family REALLY isnt spending time together, he just wants you to stay home and not go out for his self interest. I hate that sh*t but it always gets me so it is like I am forced to. SMFH.
EXPERT HATERS – Now an expert hater is pretty much a veteran hater. All they do is hate. Just for no damn reason. They are born with hate in their blood. They hate on the go-getters and the successful people. Their goal is to bring the successful people down to the ground. If they see something they don’t like, they are just gonna hate. The worse part is that they have been hating for so long that they are GOOD at it. Ex. “You got new shoes? F*ck your new shoes.” “Oh he going out with Chanel? That b*tch is a hoe.” “Man that guy walking by there got a BIG ASS MAF*CKIN forehead. Oh sh*t thats O.J. Simpson? Well f*ck that n*gga.” These are just the most brutal haters you will ever meet.They might even hate on you right when you introduce yourself to them.
TERRITORIAL HATERS – These haters are the haters that will hate you for where you are from. There are two ways of territorial haters, one is just general territorial hater about what kind of environment you grew up in and the “gang” hater is well, a hater that hates your group from what set or gang your from or your turf. Not the general territorial hater. What they do is hate on what type of neighborhood your from. For example, a hood dude would hate on a white washed black dude cause he’s from the suburbs or cause he lives in a white neighborhood. Even vice versa, so a richer person would hate on someone for living in a poor neighborhood. Now the gang hater is the obvious. They dont like you cause your from one set or gang or turf and vice versa. It can even go ti where they do not like you because your from a certain city or even from what state your from. So beware on your surroundings.
INTERNET HATERS – This new day and age we are in, the Internet has really popped off. Myspace, AIM, Twitter, Facebook etc. There are many different types of internet haters on the web. Theres the website/blog haters such as Perez Hilton always talkin sh*t about people and making pages dedicating their hate to someone. There are AIM haters where they leave subliminal hate messages on their AIM aways CONSTANTLY. There are social network haters that will hate you directly through myspace and twitter and facebook by calling you out either through MySpace bulletins, Twitter Timelines or even facebook statuses. There are anonymous haters that hate on you by making an anonymous account on social networs and start jabbing at you but they will not reveal their identity. Thats a b*tch ass move right there. The final type of internet hater is the FAKE page hater. I have PLENTY of these that I had to make a proof video to prove to people my own identity. Wat haters will do is steal you pictures and identity and basically make another account and promote the page in an entirely different region than where you are and either use your identity to mess around with other people or use your identity to discredit your identity and just make you look bad. Maf*ckas get a life and use your own face.
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LaCara said...

Thanks for this! I always get the homie haters and family haters smh loooool.

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