Wednesday, April 28, 2010

So today I find out I have a hold on my account randomly out of the blue which basically stops me from doing anything. I went to bursar to figure it out and the total fine cost came to $115 -______- Immediately I asked for them to break down where the hell that came from.

$15 was from me being locked out of my room for the zillionth time so that I can understand.

The other $100 was from a "technology fee". What the hell is a technology fee especially when I checked in my laptop on time and haven't been to tech support in months. So I asked and the lady couldn't even ANSWER what it was. How do we have a fee that the Bursar department doesn't know anything about? She handed me off to another lady who still couldn't even really give me a definition of what the hell a technology fee was and why it's even there in the first place.

WHY does Seton Hall continue to want to swindle more money out of me? Tuition is going up to an outrageous number and they're STILL trying to swindle money out of me?

Can you see why I'm just about done with my school?

She's 42 years old and still lookin' like she hasn't aged a bit. Yessss, black truly doesn't crack. She's still bad, aging quite gracefully.
What woman do you know can walk around out and about in an outfit like this and still be a bad bitch? Amber Rose. Can we peep the Loubies on her feet though? *drools*
These bad-boys are designed by the genius Christian Louboutin. They're covered in gorgeous, colorful Swarovski crystals with a hidden platform. I can't even find these out to be bought by the public so I can't even put a price point, but you know it's something outrageous. *sigh* The price for fashion sucks.
(via Maegan) ♥. I had to share this Do It Yourself tutorial from the talented Maegan :) Her site is linked so go check it out if you want to see me DIYs!
You'll need: A variety of vintage necklaces, chain, transparent nylon thread or jewelry wire, needle nose pliers.
Finished Product:
How gorgeous is this? And best of all, you can say you made it yourself :)
Magnum condoms are often associated with the notion of a man who's "packin'" down below. If you're a man and can fill out these gold wrappers, your ego is automatically boosted up ten notches. Well, here's a little something from a man by the name of Jim Daniels. He's the Vice President of Marketing for Trojan:

"The Magnum brand is viewed as a positive lifestyle badge and positive symbol, and people are proud to show they have a Magnum condom — the large size really connotes a sense of ‘above-average prowess,’ let’s call it. For all the connotations, however, it turns out that Magnum is not so large. It is the same length as standard condoms, with the same circumference at its base. Some people feel more comfortable with that width, but you don’t have to be an overly endowed man to use a Magnum and enjoy it."

SO, if you know someone who is the infamous bragger when it comes to what condom he wears, please relay this information to him and tell him that it truly is not that serious to brag about. Bragging about magnums doesn't increase your penis size everytime you say it. If you're packin', you'll always be packin' regardless of whether or not you choose to wear magnums or not.
Meet Sandra Bullock's new adopted baby, Louis♥. This baby boy is just tooo cute. He's 3 & 1/2 months old and was adopted from New Orleans.

"He’s just perfect, I can’t even describe him any other way…It’s like he’s always been a part of our lives."

I'm happy for her especially after all she's going through as far as the divorce with her triflin' soon-to-be ex-husband. I'm glad she's a celebrity who actually adopts WITHIN the United States. So many people adopt in 3rd world countries as if there aren't babies in desperate need of a good family HERE in the US. This baby is so handsome :D

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I've legit been slacking in the gym this past week. I went from 5 days a week in the gym .. to NO days in the gym. I haven't been there in a week and I feel like a complete fatty. The gym 5 days a week has a girl's tummy nice and hard. Yesssss, the abs are coming :) I can't stop now. 'Operation: Get Right, Get Tight' is back in action. Tomorrow, I'll be back to my 7AM routine.

*sigh* That means I need to take it down now if I want to wake up.

Goodnight everyone :)
Ohhhhh Tremaine ♥. Once again, WHY are you so damn fine?
Sooooooooooooooooo I was fiegining hard as can BE for this premiere episode of The Hills. After the 40395803859043 previews, the time finally came tonight to show the first episode. I loved it. Let's recap/comment right quick ;)

1. MTV was feigning to not show Heidi's face for as long as possible. The whole time she was packing and getting ready to leave for Colorado and even when she got there, all we could see was her body below the bellybutton LOL.

2. Heidi's face = atrocious. I felt so uncomfortable even looking at it. It was soooo .... tight and stiff and so unnatural. Sometimes, when you try to do to much to achieve perfection as far as cosmetic surgery goes, you look worse than what you started with. Even if Heidi wanted to go back to how she looked, she couldn't. The damage has been done. She asked her mom if she thought she looked good. Her mom's response: "You wanna rephrase that question?" LOL. It was honestly that bad. Poor Heidi. She even said, "Yeah, I do want to look like Barbie." Baby girl is all screwed up in the head and should get therapy because after 10 surgeries, she still looks horrible and clearly has an addiction to becoming this object of perfection that she will never reach.

3. Kristen is a female dog. The end. I'm mad she got tight when her friends were concerned about her partying. Clearly she's spiraling out of control. She's annoying, and I have no more words for her as of now.

4. Is it just me or did Brody get more fine?

5. Spencer is still the asshole he was every other season he's been on The Hills. Nothing has changed.

6. Can someone give Heidi some damn BASS in her voice?

7. Heidi's family is so opposite of welcoming and supportive of this new robot they call their daughter. Her stepfather was trying to be supportive, yet was insulting at the same time. "Your face looks more structure .. and frozen .." lmfao. Her mom did not help by saying, "How's your burger? Do you want me to put it in a blender for you?" LOL.

8. Heidi's last words before leaving to go back to Cali? "Yeah, I think I've had enough for a while.." Translation: "I'm not coming back to home to see your ass mom." HAHA. Heidi wasn't home for months before this so I hope her mom knows that she definitely isn't coming back after she attacked and made fun of her new face.

The preview for what's coming on this season of The Hills is toooooooooo poppin'. Spencer has honestly lost his damn mind. This man has THE biggest anger problems. Kristen mine as well just admit she's doing some kind of drug on the low AND needs to let Brody go. Heidi .. needs to just throw herself in therapy and divorce Spencer aaannnddd move out of Cali because all that pressure has turned her into a plastic monster.

That is all.
This video is too sexy. Ciara did her thangggggg.

Monday, April 26, 2010

It has to be a crime for a man such as Trey Songz to be this sexy.
My goodness. The things I would do to this man ;) mm mm mmm.
(via Cosmo Magazine) ♥
I found this so interesting and think a lot of you will too.
1. You Give and Give and Give and Give
Have you heard the one about the doting girlfriend who gave her heart to a guy for three years, only for him to say that he's not the marrying kind? And then when they break up, he turns around and proposes to some bitch (and we do mean bitch!), three months later.
"I see it all the time," confesses Randi Gunther, PhD, couples counselor, and author of the upcoming book Relationship Saboteurs (June 2010). "Women know they have the capacity to nurture and care for men, and will be extremely giving. The problem is when a woman holds it against her partner — as if she's a martyr — and the guy suddenly feels very guilty and, even worse, obligated. A man likes a bitch because she has her own agenda that isn't all about him; he likes that he's not totally responsible for her happiness."
If you enjoy being a giving person, then by all means, keep it up. Just understand that it's like putting money into a bank that has a hole on the bottom — you can't expect to cash in (say, like for a commitment from a guy). Do nice things because you want to — and don't forget to be a little selfish too.
2. You Overcommunicate
With all the Facebooking, tweeting, IMing, e-mailing, and texting going on, it might feel impossible to not communicate a lot with your boyfriend or husband, at least indirectly. But all that extraneous info about what you're doing dissolves your alluring mystery, warns Ian Kerner, PhD, sex therapist and author of 
She Comes First.
"I actually defriended my wife on Facebook," he admits. "We've all heard the phrase that familiarity breeds contempt, but in this age of social networking, perhaps familiarity breeds something worse:boredom."
Keep some of your mystery — and mask your mundane day-to-day life — by resisting the urge to check in with your guy constantly. And ditch all the dumb updates about what you had for breakfast. We promise you that No. One. Cares.
3. You Air All Your Frustrations to Your Friends
Admit it: A good venting sesh with your girls feels 
great. You get to rant about how you think your man was checking out another girl last Saturday, or how you can't believe he wants to buy a new car when he could be saving that money for an engagement ring. But constantly telling your friends your guy gripes — even the smallest stuff — can sabotage your relationship, says Gunther.
"Your friends want to support you, will sympathize with you, and won't challenge you," explains Gunther. "So then everyone comes away from the chat with the deep opinion that your boyfriend or husband is usually in the wrong."
All your bitching and moaning can have a lasting effect on how your friends feel about your guy, and eventually they'll stop supporting your relationship because they remember every last jerky thing he's done. Not good. So, bottom line? You don't have to cut the chick chat altogether…but tone it down, and be sure to tell them about the nice things he does every once in a while too. You'll feel much better about your relationship overall if you remind yourself from time to time that he's a good guy.
4. You Don't Think You're Hot
Do you have a hard time accepting compliments about your body? Freak out at the thought of your guy watching you walk butt-naked to the bathroom? Cringe anytime your guy grazes his hand across your stomach? These seemingly minor habits could be more dangerous than you realize because poor self-esteem about your body can damage your sex life, warns Kerner.
"If you don't feel sexy, you're just not as interested in having sex," says Kerner. "Or maybe you only want to do it with the lights off or leave some of your clothes on. Many men I work with are very frustrated because they think their girlfriends and wives are beautiful, but the women are very inhibited."
To keep your insecurities from hurting your relationship, the first thing you have to do is take your body-bashing down a notch. Stop pointing out your flaws to your guy — you don't want him to start believing what you're saying, do you? It's easier said than done, but start making the transition by incorporating confident little changes in the bedroom. Even if you really don't want the lights on, try lighting a few candles instead. After all, everyone looks good in candlelight!
5. You Confuse Hopes with Realistic Expectations
Have you ever fantasized about your boyfriend doing something special — say, throwing a surprise birthday party for you — and then thought about it 
so much that when it didn't happen, you were genuinely disappointed? Maybe you even got a little mad that all he did was get you a cupcake and sweater from Express. This kind of behavior can wreak havoc on your bond.
"You can't walk into a relationship with a script," says Gunther. "A lot of us have neurotic expectations, but are so invested in our fantasies that we keep going back to them. It's fine to hope for certain things from your man, but they need to be based on some realistic potential of actually being satisfied."
In other words, if your boyfriend never plans weekend getaways, stop disappointing yourself by daydreaming that he'll whisk you away to a B&B. It's fun to have fantasies, but if they're causing constant disappointment in your relationship, you're just setting yourself up to fail. Focus on the stuff your guy does right (rather than what he's not doing), and you'll strengthen — not sabotage — your love connection.
(via Necole Bitchie) ♥

On Whether he considers himself a good father & child support:
I’m not on child support with none of my kids cause I’m a great father. So it’s not determined by how much money you’re paying at all. That’s not what it’s about. It’s about being there and being that important person in their lives. It’s about being #1 or #2 in their life. That’s very important for your child, to make sure you’re that #1 or #2. Because if you’re not, you know what #1 or #2 could end up being. That’s the most important thing of all. I just try to make sure I’m of the highest importance in their lives, next to their moms.

On respecting woman but still calling them h*es and b*tches in his songs
There’s two answers to that. One is – there are b*tches. There are hoes. There are ladies. There are women. There are girls. Pick which side you’re on. When somebody’s saying something about “b*tches,” if they didn’t say “Julia is a b*tch,” if it doesn’t apply to you then it doesn’t apply to you. The second answer is, you’d have to be a woman who’s met me to know if I believe you’re a b*tch or a hoe or whatever.

On whether he and Young Money Artist Shanell are an item:
That’s a rumor, sweetheart. No, it’s never been a personal thing. As far as us being friends, yeah. That’s my friend. Shanell is a great artist and that’s it, period. She’s a Young Money great artist. I heard a rumor that she was pregnant from me. How could that be? We’ve never had sex. How could she be pregnant from me? You’ve got to have sex to be pregnant. That’s one of the things you have to do. I don’t understand how people’s brains work. You know? I’m a really big person. I’m a real superstar. I’m not afraid to tell you or nobody else, you know? I die every week [according to the rumors]. I’m in jail right now [according to the rumors].

So the intrusion into your personal life bothers you?
No, it bothers you, because you have to actually think if it’s true or not and come sit down and ask this dumb ass sh*t. I know you have to feel stupid, because it’s like me sitting here and looking at your [brown] hair and asking you, “Since you dyed your hair green, how do you feel?” Your hair obviously isn’t green.

Your tweets are mostly about love. Is that your mentality at the moment?
I asked Twist when I got on Twitter, “What am I supposed to do?” He said, “You’re supposed to say what you’re thinkin’.” That’s what I be thinkin’.

Is love what you think about all the time? Or just right now?
Right now. I think about the moment, but my thoughts usually last for days and lifetimes.

I know you’re generally not too concerned about the critics, but you did get a lot of flak for the four baby mamas.
I don’t think what people think should be any concern of anybody’s. It’s definitely not a concern of mine. I’d be crazy if it was and you’re crazy if you are.

I think people translate “he has four baby mamas” as “he disrespects women.”
But that goes back to me not caring about what people think or say. They wanna be [baby mama] number five, six, and seven, so…

Did you go through a phase where you were, um… wanting to spread your seed? Or was it just the way things happened?
You’d have to be a woman that’s with me to know what phase I was going through. If I was to answer that question for you or for the world or for this magazine, then I’d be the dumbest n*gga on the planet.

Fair enough. Too personal with the questions?
You did your job and I did mine.

-- I love when Wayne does interviews. He always has real answers to any question that's thrown at him. Not too many people's interviews keep me so interested that I actually read the whole thing but all of Wayne's do. This issue of Ozone Magazine will be out soon :)
Some dude tried to roll up on Snooki while her and JWOWW were filming another season of The Jersey Shore in Miami, and she wasn't havin' it. Shorty threw food, slapped his shoulder, slapped him in the face AND threw a drink LMAO. He then threw a drink right back at her before getting kicked out.

SMH. She may be little but Snooki really plays no games.
Rihanna and Melissa are really the epitome of best friends. They both have eachother's birthday tatted in roman numerals AND they both have the same quote: "Never a failure, Always a lesson" tatted on eachother. I love my best friend and all but I'm not sure I'd want her to have the same damn things tatted as I have.
These. shoes. are. sex. in. stiletto. form.
Singer Monica posted this picture on Twitter & I just about died when I peeped.
These are made by the famous Dsquared2. Priced at $1118
These Giuseppe Zanotti pumps on Kim Kardashian look absolutely STUNNING.
I'm not even a fan of anything gold but I'm in LOVE with these shoes.
Price: $1140
If you got it like that, click here to buy.
There is absolutely no comparison. TWITTER WINS.

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with Facebook. You can spend hours and hours on Facebook, but what are you really doing during those hours and hours? BEING NOSEY lmao. We all do it, but after a certain point, you've creeped through just about every significant person's Facebook wall and photo albums. There's nothing left to do at that point especially if theres only a little bit of people online.

TWITTER on the other hand is simply way more entertaining all the time. People mistake Twitter to just be a place where you tell everyone what you're doing. NEGATIVE. Doing trending topics alone can keep me rollin' for hours as well as roasting people with other people never gets old. If you don't have a Twitter, most likely you're getting talked about on Twitter. There be absolutely NO shame in people's game when it comes to roasting individuals. Hey, more entertainment for me so I'm not even complaining. You can actually TALK to people through Twitter. It isn't just you sitting there telling people what you're doing. Twitter isn't even all only about telling people what you're doing or where you're going. It's so much more than that. People tweet on the go so there's never a time where people are just not online like Facebook. I'm on Twitter more than Facebook. Twitter is just too poppin' like that. You can see me logged onto Facebook but I won't be doing or looking at a damn thing. The next tab over is always Twitter. Basically, when it all comes down to it, you need to get yourself a Twitter if you don't have one and stop frontin' like Facebook is where it's at, because it isn't. It'll take like a day or two to get used to how to work Twitter, but you'll get it in no time.

For those who DO have a Twitter, follow me :)
Is there any way to take a 5'5" female who weighs less than 120 lbs ... to THIS? Yeah, I wish. Kim Kardashian's body is amazing in my eyes. I just finished having a debate on this. I'm mad we even had to DEBATE this -___- The other side's arguement was that her butt wasn't even real and her body wasn't all that. WHO CARES if her butt isn't real (and it is btw), her body still looks bangin' at the end of the day; QuikTrimmed and all.
When I came across this picture, it instantly ruined my favorite movie for me lmaoo
What the hell has Mel B done to her child's hair? 
Poor little girl has hair looking like one of those troll dolls.

Friday, April 23, 2010

1. if in a sexual drought, thou shall drive theeself crazy with the assumption that everyone else in the entire world is currently having the best sex anyone’s ever had
2. if in a relationship, thou shall forgo condoms when “acceptable” period of time has passed.
in this case, “acceptable period of time” is figured out by using a complex matrix involving some combination of how much time you’ve spent together, how many people you assume they’ve been with, a picture of their ex, the number of degrees you both possess, and how recently you’ve seen magic johnson on tv.
3. thou shall use masturbation as an efficient way to alleviate boredom, hunger, anxiety, confusion, anger, frustration, headaches, joint pain, excessive happiness, grief, loneliness, righteousness, despair, and self-esteem
***4a. when finished masturbat1ng, thou shall experience a small moment of euphoria quickly followed by intense self-loathing and regret when cleaning up***
4. if thou makes a sex tape, thou shall find a creative and unique way to accidentally misplace and/or share it with the public
5. thou shall not, under any circumstances, ever admit to having period sex
btw, “circumstances” includes any and all forms of torture (ie: waterboarding, boiling, aretha franklin bra-holding, etc)
6. thou shall blame all unexpected and unwanted pregnancies on broken condoms
7. thou shall injure thy self when attempting porn star acrobatics, and thou shall blame said injury on pick-up basketball or hereditary gout
--> LMFAO. via (very smart brothas)
We honestly have sick human beings over the internet. How gross is this?
I swear I'm in love with this woman. Victoria Beckham will be featured on the cover along with a spread in May's issue of Vogue in Germany. *sigh* She's so gorgeous and has absolutely impeccable style. Definitely deserving of a cover on Vogue.
.. and I'm lovinggggggggggggggggggggggg the tatt :)

Designer Lasse R. Jensen has teamed up with goldsmith Mikkel Thorson to create art pieces inspired by the words 'Louis Vuitton Must Die'. I love the stab at famous designers. The necklaces and shirts (shown below) are so dope. None of these items have a price put to them yet but when they finally are out and open for the public to buy, I will be blogging about it :)
These Versace 'Intrecciata' metal platform sandals are too ill for words. My goodness. These were seen on Ciara during the Us Weekly Hot Hollywood Style Issue event.  Price: $2,955. Pricey isn't even the word LOL, but it is Versace :) You can find them to buy here.

Sometimes, you meet somebody, and you know that whatever you did before, it must have been right, because nothing you’ve done could be too bad, or have gone too far wrong, because it led you to this person.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"When it comes to love I'm like a surgeon // I'm a true tactician // 
Imma make your body better, when I get in the right position"
listen & love.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Every girl needs a Little Black Dress, and has THE perfect ones :) Go ahead and splurge on yourself.

Conspiracy Dress
Stretchy one shoulder mesh bodycon dress.

Tough Love Dress
Stretchy bodycon dress with strong shoulders and dripping chains.

Blackmail Dress
Long sleeved bodycon dress with crocheting on the shoulders.

"He don't take me out!"
"She don't pay for shit!"
"Why I gotta tell her I love her? She already knows what it is."
"I aiint about to keep buyin' her everything and she don't know how to buy me a damn thing!"

HUGE words of advice for all men and women: DON'T FORGET THE BASICS.

Yes, you got the girl you wanted .. but who gave you permission to get so comfortable you forgot the basics? Men, don't do that. Do not get too comfortable. We fell in love with the man who always put his all out there when you were trying to get us to be yours and only yours. Why change that when you finally get us? It's so easy to lose a woman that way, and visa versa.

Just because a girl is finally yours, doesn't mean you don't have to take her out anymore like you used to. Us females love when men take us out, whether it's planned or you surprise us with a date. Don't just let that go all the sudden because you feel like, "Well I got your ass now. I don't need to keep impressing you." Yeah, NEGATIVE. The small things like telling a girl she looks gorgeous or texting her that you love her (for those who are on that level) or buying her something JUST BECAUSE sometimes.

This all goes for women too. Don't think it's all up to a man to be doing everything I listed above to keep the relationship alive. It takes two. If you know your man has mention something he wants to get, go get it and surprise him with it. He'll be the happiest boyfriend on the planet earth because it shows you care and went out of your way to surprise him and buy him something he wanted just because you know it would make him happy.

And it wouldn't hurt once in a while for you (females) to pay for a meal. If you clearly establish that he's going to be the one who pays every single time you go out, I don't blame him for decreasing the amount of times you guys go out to the movies or go out to eat somewhere. If ya funds aren't poppin' like that to pay for the whole meal, surprise him and tell him you'll go half and half on the bill.

It's things like the little things that keep both sides of the relationship happy.

I'm just sayin' :)
You only have one life to live. I don't worry about things, I just do it. You need to do everything you want to do before you get old and wrinkly because when you're chillin' in your rocking chair, you don't want to be thinking about the long list of regrets of thinkgs you should've done. When I'm chillin' on MY rocking chair, I'll be saying to someone: "Oh shit, let me tell you about that time when I..."

Monday, April 19, 2010

My campus will be flooded with 100% smackeddddddddddd individuals. The cafeteria will be flooded for 24 hours with people who are suffering from the munchies due to the massive amount of herb smoked. This is the day where all potheads will unite. Many will smoke more than they've ever smoked in their entire existence. Everyone will be floating on cloud 84935379878453.

To those who will be smacked silly: have fun.
(Venting Session Commencing ... NOW).

I honestly have no patience for a large majority of the people on this campus .... or this earth for that matter. You know it's bad if just your presence irks the living daylights out of me or if you're even in the same vicinity as me and I get annoyed LOL. I don't understand how people can be so ignorant and obnoxious every day of their life. I don't owe annoying human beings an ounce of my patience so I don't give it. The fact that I'm no where near the patient person I used to be doesn't help anything. Oh well.

(Venting Session Terminated).
This is Kim and Kourtney Kardashian when they were little :) Doesn't Kourtney look the same? That doesn't even look like Kim (to the right). It looks like a random school friend that Kourtney took a picture with LMAO. Whatever the case, this picture is too precious.
This is a recent picture of a little boy who visited the White House. He wanted to feel Obama’s hair because he wanted to know if the President’s hair felt just like his and Obama obliged. This is tooooooo cute.
I'm actuallly annoyed that these bad boys are retailed to be over $2,000        -___- Maybe if it was in the three digit range, I would make that purchase. Now, there's no way in hell :( *sigh*
Meet Vanity. You peep the lower arm tatt? Yeah, she's inspired me to get one in that spot. I've always wanted to get a gorgeous tatt on my lower arm on the inside part like she has but have been such a punk about it. I've officially made up my mind that I'm definitely getting that. I'm still deciding on whether it'll be before or after I get married. I don't know whether I completely don't care if it shows in my wedding pictures or not. I haven't figured out what I'm getting but I just envision it to be colored and gorgeous.

My parents will probably disown me but ... I don't care LOL. I'm not going to be a laywer or a CEO. I'm going to be a nurse, and most likely in the ER or in the maternity ward. I can easily cover it up under my scrubs so I'm not even worried about it.
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