Sunday, June 6, 2010

One thing I absolutely LOVE are piercings. What I love more are piercings not too many people have. 

I currently have 8 :)

I don't get pierced because I want to make sure every one is shown. I recently got a piercing that either can be shown with a certain barbell or not be shown. I think everyone should have a piercing that's hidden and unique. Some people say, "what's the point?" and I say, "because I wanted it & it looked cool" and that's basically my reasoning for almost all of the ones I have LOL. I'll put up a blog post later this week with all the piercings I currently have and all of the ones I plan on getting very very soon!

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☻TABOO♥ said...

Ouch... I have 2 piercings: My ears! LOL Im definitely more of a tattoo girl. Wouldve been a belly piercing chick BUT the kids have ruined that for me. LOL My coworker got under her tongue pierced. I dont even know what that part is Noone can see it but she got it for her own pleasure. Nothing wrong with

I'd love to see ur pics. :)

Lali said...

yeah you need to up the piercing number lol but I def am posting pictures soon :)

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