Saturday, November 27, 2010

For every action, there was an opposite reaction. But maybe you could undo your wrongs by keeping someone else from making the same mistakes of misjudgement.” - Jodi Picoult ♥
To My Followers & Readers,

I know, this is yet another time where I've been slightly mia from frequently posting =(
I'm really sorry. I swear, when I think I really do have time on my hands, it always turns out to be wrong.
I've been so busy lately with school and life in general!

You'd think I'd have all the time on my hands to blog during my little Thanksgiving break but not at all!

Let The Updates Begin:
  • Thanksgiving was amazing! Being home was amazing! I didn't realize how much I missed it until I actually got home. This Thanksgiving I actually helped with damn near everything that my mom had on her list to make. I enjoyed all the family that came over. A house full of little cousins was chaotic but fun at the same time! I stuffed my face from beginning to end =)
  • BLACK FRIDAY = SUCCESS!!! I was really feigning for Black Friday this year (don't even ask me why). Me, Gi, & Kira were out at 4AM that morning and made it back by like 9AM. We were serious about our shopping. We knew where we wanted to go, what we wanted to buy, and got everything. What helped was the massive online shopping I did when Midnight hit because many of the stores had sales that started at Midnight on Black Friday! I'm currently awaiting makeup and shoes from my online orders. I came back home from physically shopping with 4 pairs of shoes, clothes, and jewelry. *sigh* just hype off my purchases that day lmao.
  • I honestly had to make another bullet just to talk about the kind of spending I've done over this little Thanksgiving break. I've spent soooooooooooooooooooooooo much money, it's actually quite sickening. Now I'm forcing myself to cut back on spending once Monday hits. I need to give my credit card and debit card a break from the massive swiping that took place this weekend =( 

Future Posts On Sugar & Retail:
  1. Yet another cosmetics haul post - I'll be putting up pictures, descriptions, & reviews for the new makeup I purchased and am waiting to come in sometime this week from CS & MAC.
  2. More LOTDs (Look Of The Day) posts - I already have one look that I've done using Kat Von D's makeup palette. I'm sure there will be more throughout this coming week that I'll be doing so stay tuned for when I throw those posts up!
  3. More posts with my retail picks will be going up! I haven't done them as frequently as I used to but I promise they'll start up again =)
  4. Shoegasm posts will be coming back!
  5. Clothing Haul posts - I've done more shopping than a little bit -___- lmao. Be on the look out for pictures, prices, and more! 
  6. Sporadic Vlogs will be posted =D For those who don't know what a vlog is, it's like a blog post except video form. So many amazing bloggers/makeup gurus do so, so I figure I need to begin as well!
  7. I've been asked to do some posts that are geared for guys and no worries, I will be doing so whether that be retail-wise, advice-wise, or whatever the case may be.
& I think that's about it!
Stay tuned for everything! Thanks for those who keep checking back on my blog consistently
even if I don't post as frequent as I used to. You guys are amazing!

yours truly ♥

Friday, November 26, 2010

I knew Diggy had swag but I honestly didn't know it was like THIS.
This is really the first time I'm watching Diggy rap and this boy really has swag when he's rapping!
His voice matured so much from 'Run's House' lmao. SO much.
Diggy has a ridiculous amount of potential.

I just hope he has the right people around him that know what to do with it.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rihanna opened up the 2010 America Music Awards with a 3 song performance.
I had to post this because I really do think this is one of Rihanna's best performances yet.
Her voice is on point with the track, she's workin' it on stage, and everything just ran so smoothly.
Watch and love =)

Rihanna covered the new December 2010 issue of Interview Magazine and was
interviewed by none other than Kanye West himself!
Kanye proved to be such a weird interviewer. Along with being that,
he proved to be one who creates awkward moments while interview lmao.
I can't be the only one who thought some of his questions were random and awkward.

Continue reading for the entire interview & magazine scans!

Am I really the only one who said "wait .. whatttt?" to Nicki Minaj's outfit and hair
when she went on 106&Park to promote 'Pink Friday'?
 I love Nicki Minaj BUT when she is looking tacky and crazy, I just have to say something.
I've said it time and time again: WHO is her wardrobe stylist? And why aren't they fired?
Who picks out her wigs or does them? They should be fired and blacklisted as well.
The dress is clearly too small. She's busting out of it.
Why would anyone in her camp let her walk out on stage like that?
This is all annoying. ugh. goodbye.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rachel Zoe announced on Twitter that her and her hubby Rodger Berman are expecting their first child!
She's currently 3 months pregnant!

Hey everyone! I want to officially confirm to my loyal friends and followers that I am pregnant! I feel great, Rodger and I are beyond excited.

After her season finale of her show when she was talking about the whole pregnancy thing,
I prayed to God that she got pregnant because Rodger wasn't sticking around much longer.
Plus, she needs a child to carry out her legacy, without a doubt.

Congrats Rachel!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I'm completely in love with this nude combat boot Forever 21 has come out with!
It features a wooden stacked platform with a 5 inch heel.
The lace-up military-like detail on this shoe along with the peeptoe
definitely set this shoe apart from the rest.
This shoe can go with super skinnies with a military-like jacket to complete that particular look.

I will definitely be making this purchase asap!
This is a must-have addition to my closet.
Price: $27.80
Click here to buy!

I went to go see this movie with my girls after much hype and persistence from my own mother!
I must say that this movie was AMAZING.

I absolutely loved it.
I completely loved how each character had recited a poem when they went through
their life-changing moment. Every poem that was recited was deep and nothing short of moving.

There were so many aspects of this film that I didn't see coming! And that is something about
this movie that I love. I hate predictable films, and this one was no where near predictable.

SO much was going on in this film and it actually had me saying "OH MY GOD!" in the middle
of the movie theater lmao.

I can't even truly go in-depth like I want to in this review because I don't want to spoil it!
BUT I do think that EVERY woman (you don't have to be colored) should go see this movie!
I definitely left the theater with a different mindset just coming from this movie.
For those who cry at a drop of a hat, this movie will have you balling lol.
She is definitely rockin' the HELL out of her weave lmao.
I actually think I like the shorter, wavy hair better than this straight weaved-out look.
For some reason, the fact that her hair is simple here is somehow drawing me to her forehead =(
Your thoughts?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

If you’re not willing to sound stupid, you’re not worthy of falling in love.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

MAC Prep + Prime
MAC Paintpot in "Groundwork"
Wet n Wild Color Icon Eye Kit in "Snow Sprite"
(Silver in the inner tear duct, Light Blue on the lid, Darkest Blue on the crease)
Coastal Scents Gel Liner in "True Black"

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in "NC50"
MAC Pro Longwear SPF 10 Foundation in "NC50"

NYX Round Lipstick in "Thalia"
Looks like I've done a little makeup shopping this month =)
Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep the goods!
A few days ago I stopped at Walgreens and bought one of Wet N' Wild's Holiday palettes!
I absolutely am in LOVE with this palette.
The colors are extremely pigmented. No, ridiculously pigmented, which makes me love it more.
My favorite colors out of this palette are the bottom two.
The dark dark blue is absolutely gorgeous.
You get amazing quality for the price you're paying!
Price: $4.99 
This is the next thing I bought at Walgreens.
I really did just buy this brush set because it's ECO-FRIENDLY =)
Everything is recycled and cruelty-free.
All of these brushes work amazing. The hairs are ridiculously soft, but effective at the same time.
I definitely recommend everyone going out to get this because it comes with a little sac to carry them in.
Perfect for traveling!
Price: about $11.99
3 words: Completely. In. Love.
I pre-sold for this at the Bloomingdales in Short Hills about 3 weeks ago!
Just today I'm wearing it for the first time!
MAC has definitely stepped it's game up with this Pro Longwear SPF 10 Foundation.
It gives amazing coverage and gives a definitely matte finish to it, which works amazing for my skin.
If you have dry skin, I'm not sure how this would work for you, but if you have combo oily,
then this is THE product for you. It also feels like there isn't ANYTHING on your face.
That's one of the big pros to this foundation that you can't find a lot of other places.
It's supposed to last 15 hours. So far I have absolutely no complaints!
Price: $29.50
Along with the MAC Pro Longwear Foundation, I figured I would take the concealer as well =)
The concealer does the job it's supposed to do lol. Sometimes, I just walk out the apartment
with just concealer on to hide any blemishes I have and it looks great!
I definitely recommend getting this along with the matching foundation .
Price: $16.50

1. “I’m the Best”
2. “Roman’s Revenge” feat. Eminem
3. “Did It On’em”
4. “Right Thru Me”
5. “Fly” feat. Rihanna
6. “Save Me”
7. “Moment 4 Life” feat. Drake
8. “Check It Out” feat. Will.I.Am
9. “Blazin’” feat. Kanye West
10. “Here I Am”
11. “Dear Old Nicki”
12. “Your Love”
13. “Last Chance” feat. Natasha Bedingfield

This is an album that I'm definitely getting.
Her song "Right Through Me" is actually growing on me heavy.
That's crazy because at first I borderline hated it lmao.
Be on the lookout for Pink Friday which comes out in about 2 weeks!
After the Matt Lauer interview, which went incredibly wrong,
Kanye is putting an end to the interviews for now. 
If you didn't read the story or check the interview out, check it out right below this post! 
Below is what Kanye had to say on Twitter:

I’ve decided to fall back a bit on interviews in order to “sell my album” I can’t come up with some magic trick to make people like me. I’ve made mistakes I’ve paid the price now it is what it is. I’m gone make this art but I’m not going to be scrutinized as a human being. No more Bush questions … no more Taylor questions… no more relationship questions…. and the music is unquestionable sooooo….. I am a creative person…. I’m not a good celebrity but I’m a great artist… I’m tired of using my celebrity to sell my art.

Man I’m heading to Abu Dhabi finna go to Ferrari Land YESSSS!!! ….but before I take off let me tell you how they did me at the Today show… I went up there to express how I was empathetic to Bush because I labeled him a racist and years later I got labeled as a racist…. While I was trying to give the interview they started playing the “MTV” under me with audio!!!!!!! I don’t mess with Matt Lauer or the Today Show … and that’s a very nice way for me to put it! HE TRIED TO FORCE MY ANSWERS. IT WAS VERY BRUTAL AND I CAME THERE WITH ONLY POSITIVE INTENT.

I feel very alone very used very tortured very forced very misunderstood very hollow very very misused. I don’t trust anyone but myself! Everyone has an agenda. I don’t do press anymore. I can’t be everything to everybody anymore. I can’t be everybody’s hero and villain savior and sinner Christian and anti Christ! I can’t take anymore advice!!! I create, I’m creative, I have a good heart, everyone will see and understand one day. Everything sounds like noise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYTHING SOUNDS LIKE NOISE!!!!!!! I don’t trust anyone! Very judged very scrutinized very criticized! I want everyone to know I have lows all the time but I make it through them!

Yo I really wonder if Matt Lauer thought that shit was cool to play the “MTV” clip while I was speaking about Bush? He played clips of Bush and asked me to look at his face while I was trying to talk to him. I wish Michael Jackson had twitter!!!!!! Maybe Mike could have explained how the media tried to set him up!!! It’s all a fucking set up!!!! This is rock and roll life my people… you can’t stop the truth you can’t stop the music and I have to be strong or “they” win!!!!

Sometimes it’s not simple, some days it’s not easy… I just want to create. I love you guys, thanks for the support!

Honestly, I didn't even know Kanye's feelings were hurt like THIS.
The crazy thing is that he doesn't need to go on a bunch of interviews to have his album sell well.
I believe that Kanye's album sales will still sky-rocket with or without the interviews.
Everyone honestly needs to leave this man alone and allow him to just do what he does best:
make amazing music.

He's already fragile as hell in my eyes.
The last thing he needs is talkshow hosts badgering him about past events.
Do we want this man to spiral back into depression?
NO. So leave his ass alone.
Kanye West recently did an interview on The Today Show with Matt Lauer
Things quickly took a turn for the worst. 
Matt was forcing answers, and NBC was playing music and past audio clips
of his incidents in the middle of him speaking. Kanye made it known
on more than one occasion about how annoyed he was.

SMH. Why can't all people just interview like Oprah? lol
Below is the clip from his interview with Matt.

Peep and give your opinions!
I didn’t need you guys to play the tape in order to prompt my emotion to what I’m going to say,” the rapper said, clearly irritated. “I don’t have to do TV stuff, with me. This is reality. This is the real thing going on, you know what I’m saying? I don’t need all the jazz.

Yo, how am I supposed to talk if you’re gonna run this thing in the middle while I’m talking?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

So Lil Kim decided to fired more rounds at Nicki Minaj during a performance in Queens.
Apparently, Nicki Minaj's "Roman's Revenge" set this woman off.

I will erase this bitch’s social security number, first of all I don’t even need a record right now and I’d kill that bitch with my old sh!t. My records ain’t just enter the charts, they made history. WTF is this bullshit, this shit come and go.

Alright Kim ... alright lmao.
When will it stop? Whenever Lil Kim feels deep down that she's TRULY TRULY 
a relevant figure in the industry again.
Does Weezy look ... better after being in prison? lmao
I'm being so serious. Right now, Wayne is looking better than ever.
AND his dreads got ridiculously long!

Above, he's spotted out with Birdman at a Hornets vs. Miami Heat game
just one day after getting released.
He wasted absolutely NO time.

SB: Wayne is prohibited from drinking AND smoking for the next 3 years.
Yeah, we'll see how long that'll go.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I've never ever been a fan of Pitbulls. 
I always thought they were ugly, mean as hell, and could turn on you any damn minute.

.......... until I saw one just like the one above when I was out running errands.
It was honestly love at first sight.
This puppy was just ....... so damn precious!
His blue eyes totally got me. They're gorgeous.

Then and there is when I realized that I might just have a love for Pitbulls.
Wait, scratch that. I just might have a love of Pitbulls that look that this one lol.
Sadly my apartment complex doesn't allow Pitbulls =( 
If Pitbulls were allowed, I'd go out and get this exact one in heartbeat ♥.
I must say, I am trying to live my life with a sharpie marker approach. You can’t erase the strokes you’ve made, but each step is much bolder and more deliberate.
This song actually grew on me from the first time that I heard it.
Surprisingly, I acutally like this video and how Fantasia looks!
This is the second single off of her album Back To Me, which is in stores now.
Listen and love.
T.I. and Chris Brown teamed up to make the music video to T.I.'s "Get Back Up".
This single is off of T.I.'s upcoming album No Mercy, which is due in stores December 7th.
Listen and love.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I literally busted out laughing when I saw this.
This right here has reached a level of ghetto that I have never seen before.
Let us take this moment .... to shake our damn heads.
You’re going to meet the most extraordinary men, the sexiest, brightest, funniest men, and you’re going to fall in love with so many of them, and you won’t know until the end of your life who your greatest friends were or your greatest love was.
Honestly ............... I don't even know how to feel about this lmfao.
I really just want to know WHO he was sending the pictures to. Selita?
And what even possessed him to take one when he knows all celebrities' naked pictures
always get hacked and leaked to the public.

I thought Willow did amazing for her first ever live performance!
She really has a lot of talent because many artists can't sing and dance at the same time ....
S U C C E S S F U L L Y .
I know her career is going to blowwwww up.
She already has Nicki Minaj on the remix!
Bow Wow and Chris Brown teamed up to make a video for  "Aint Thinkin' About You".
Like 80% of songs that come out, I'm not sure about this song yet haha.
Eventually it'll grow on me ... maybe.
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