Monday, June 14, 2010

Pregnant singer Alicia Keys already speaks about her desire to adopt a child from South Africa. Keys opened up to Britain's Daily Mirror and said:
Adopting is definitely not out of the question. I would love to figure out the ways that could work for me. I felt I wanted to scoop up the children I met in Africa and take them home. At this point I kinda feel I have amazing brothers and sisters in Africa. Hopefully I can be their big sister who they know they can depend on and will always be there, fighting for them. The people I met last time I was in Africa inspired me more than anything in my life. I cried a lot. It was extremely emotional and it changed me. It was heartbreaking but also heart lifting.
Can she get through her first pregnancy at least? lol A. Keys is so far ahead in the future. She hasn't experienced motherhood yet, so before she start talking about taking on TWO kids, pop out your first one. I definitely think she'll be such a good mommy. I can't wait to see the baby pictures after she delivers. I'm damn near certain that her baby will have Swizz's signature tucan nose lmaooo. Only time will tell.

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