Tuesday, June 15, 2010

After reading review after review, I finally decided to buy this Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub J. I picked it up yesterday afternoon on my way home at CVS and the price came out to like a little over $6 (because I used a CVS card).

I have really oily skin especially in the Summer, and I know my pores are clogged like no tomorrow because of all the blackheads chillin’ on my face. So I got referred to this product. I was told that it would open up my pores, get rid of dead cells, and clear away my blackheads. Sounded like THE product for me.
After showering, with my face still wet, squirted out a nice sized lump of this mixture in the palm of my hand and massaged it all over my face as directed. The scrub had a pasty texture with little hard beads inside. Once I started massaging it on my face, it became more creamy. So as I was massaging and massaging, my face started feeling tingly. The whole time it was feeling tingly, I was praying that it was a GOOD tingly and not a “your-face-can’t-handle-this-shit” kind of tingly. I washed it off and patted my face dry. My face felt like it was breathing lol. My face felt cool and tingly. While I was wiping my face dry, I literally felt like every single pore on my face was WIDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE OPENNNNNNNNNNN. It felt so crazy. At that moment, I knew my pores were all type of clogged because I never felt anything like that.

When I woke up and went to the bathroom to shower and start my day, I looked in the mirror and my face was borderline DRIPPING WITH OIL. My face was sooooooooooooo oily. Usually when I wake up, my face is kind of oily but never like this. The scrub really DID open my pores and let out all the oils that have been underneath my skin, and when I woke up, all that oil was right on the surface.

Although I’ve only just started using this product, as of now, I’m giving it a pretty positive rating. Immediately after washing my face, my face felt so much smoother. Usually where I breakout and have my blackheads, it feels totally opposite of smooth. Now, it feels soooooo smooth. Usually around this time (when the sun is completely out in the afternoon) I start to get real oily due to the heat. Today so far, I haven’t gotten oily yet.
I’ll give this a full 30 days to see if I see an improvement on my skin so stay tuned for that update! J 

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