Saturday, June 26, 2010

Amber Rose looks gorgeous as usual but she needs to put her hands somewhere to prevent looking awkward in shots.
*  *  *  *
Taylor Lautner is looking tooooooo sharp in his suit! I love love love how grown he looks here!
*  *  *  *
I'm not sure I'm lovin' this particular one shoulder dress on Bella ... or on anyone for that matter. She definitely needs to get a SMIDGE bit more color. Her leg color is damn near blending in with the shoe!
*   *   *   *
Love Edward ... but not the suite color at all. He would've been safe with just an all black suit with a maroon tie than this all maroon-looking suit.
*   *   *   *
Completely feigning for the little sisters and Kourtney (sorry Kim). Do you see Kendall next to Kim? She looks absolutely GORGEOUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. She looks so grown, omg! And Kylie is looking real fierce with her YSL Tribute Pumps. Oh, and of course I'm feigning for Kourtney's animal print dress. LOVEEEEEE it.
*   *   *   *
Tamera (on left) has always been the cutest out of the two. Tia, on the other hand, is living up to why I don't think she's the best twin! What the hell is good with the hair? No ... like can someone tell me what the hell is good with that?
*   *   *   *
Jaden honestly does this awkward pose all the damn time lmao. But it's okay because he's cute so he can do it :) Willow ... I mean I guess she's cute in that I'm-a-little-girl-so-I-can-wear-tacky-ensembles kind of way.

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Sammie said...

Let me just say that I HOPE Kristen Stewart was wearing some tights, because her damn legs are tooo white!
& Tamera was always my favorite. She's the prettier twin.

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