Monday, June 28, 2010

Prince's facial expressions and gestures honestly had me rollin LMAO. Was it Patty Labelle who kicked her shoes off? smh. Why was that even done? LOL and THEN, she proceeded to look for it after her performance. Anyway, Prince will always remain a mystery to me. My mom says he has never done any on-camera interviews ever and that he just refuses to tell anyone his business. If this is true, honestly, he's mad smart for that. So many interviews celebrities have done has ruined their careers -- examples: Michael Jackson's interview with Bashir, and Ricky Martin's interview with Barbara Walters. Reporters are out to expose and get information no one else can get. Usually by the end of the interview, they get those things. No one knows much about Prince's personal life because he doesn't tell anyone a damn thing.

Smart man.

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