Wednesday, June 2, 2010

If you haven't heard by now, Drake's album was leaked and of course I got my hands on the album today. I love the album. I loveeeeeeeeeee the song Fireworks ft. Alicia Keys. I also love The Resistance, of course Over, Miss Me and just about the whole album. If this wasn't leaked and he kept promoting this cd, I definitely think this would've been a HUGEEEEE seller. His lyrics on this album are what made me really like this album. He tells a story and isn't just talking about random shit like Lil Wayne. Don't get me wrong, I lvoe Weezy to death but there's but so many songs I can hear about random objects being put together or being a goon. Drake's new album is currently on repeat as we speak and will be thrown on my BlackBerry. I didn't plan on buying his album to begin with but for those who do, I definitely would recommend this album to get bought.

Drake, you're doin' good playa ;)

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