Friday, June 4, 2010

Bow Wow finally came out with some kind of a statement about the recent Kat Stacks incident. For those who don't know, Kat Stacks is a hoe who has had sex with just about everyone and anyone in the industry and she goes around exposing them. She recently got ganged up on by a group of dudes, one slapped her, and forced her on the ground to apologize to Bow Wow & Fabolous for bashing their names. Here's Bow Wow's response to the whole incident:

"That’s not even my character. Come on now, I make songs for girls. Do I look like the kind of n-gga that has goons? That doesn’t even make sense. If I don’t react to a situation that means I’m not even thinking about it. I let everybody on Twitter talk, but I don’t know nothing. That’s real talk. I don’t condone what she does, but at the same time I have better things to do."

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