Wednesday, April 28, 2010

So today I find out I have a hold on my account randomly out of the blue which basically stops me from doing anything. I went to bursar to figure it out and the total fine cost came to $115 -______- Immediately I asked for them to break down where the hell that came from.

$15 was from me being locked out of my room for the zillionth time so that I can understand.

The other $100 was from a "technology fee". What the hell is a technology fee especially when I checked in my laptop on time and haven't been to tech support in months. So I asked and the lady couldn't even ANSWER what it was. How do we have a fee that the Bursar department doesn't know anything about? She handed me off to another lady who still couldn't even really give me a definition of what the hell a technology fee was and why it's even there in the first place.

WHY does Seton Hall continue to want to swindle more money out of me? Tuition is going up to an outrageous number and they're STILL trying to swindle money out of me?

Can you see why I'm just about done with my school?

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