Wednesday, July 7, 2010

When I read this little article about there being a way to literally tattoo your heart, I didn't even know HOW to take it lol. I mean, doing this for someone you love just seems like a little MUCH to have doctors open your chest for a damn tattoo. SMH. Well read the article and decide if you would do this haha

These unique tattoo artists have come up with a true and unique concept to express your love to your special ones. The True Love Tattoos offer services of actually tattooing on your heart. The procedure involves a surgery that will help the tattoo artist engrave the heart with the tattoo ink.
The origin of this unique concept is unknown and so is the repercussions attached with going through the procedure. The tattoos are advertised as “soul-canvas.” This is the ultimate meaning of putting your soul mate’s name down on your heart and undergoing this will prove how much the person means.
The tattoo will be internal and so cannot be seen from the outside. Undergoing the entire procedure can be the ultimate declaration of love for your loved one. There might be certain risks involved in the procedure because a very sensitive organ will be handled throughout the inking procedure.

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