Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rumors have be heavy as far as whether or not Reggie Bush and Amber Rose are together. At first they were spotted at a club together boo'd the hell up. Midway through that night, they took a long "bathroom break" together. (yeahhhhh they were doin' grown folk business in the bathroom). They left in seperate cars but met up afterwards.

Now, they've been spotted again publically walking into the Espy's afterparty TOGETHER. A million and one people tweeted the second Reggie showed up with Amber on his arm.

If they are really a couple, I'm hype. Why? Because Amber's a bad bitch and Reggie is sexy as can be. They'd make a bomb ass couple. Kim (Reggie's ex) has clearly moved on with her new light-skinned bf and now it's time for Reggie to move on to the next baddest bitch: Amber Rose.

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