Wednesday, July 7, 2010

MAC Painterly Paint Pot in "Groundwork" - $16.50
For those who don't know, paint pots are amazing when used as a base for any eye makeup you do. They hold the pigment of the eyeshadow really really well. It doesn't cake and you're really guaranteed your eye makeup to last the day using this as it's base. This Paint Pot is more of a base that's close to my skin tone but there are a lot of different Paint Pots that MAC makes that are a gold base, a bronze-ish base, a peach colored base, along with a lot of different hues so not every Paint Pot is just a nude color. This is definitely recommended to everyone :)
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MAC Prep + Prime Skin - $23.00
I actually used this base for the first time yesterday when it was about 104 degrees -______- LOL. Before even putting on this base, I cleaned my face with my Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub (featured on my blog a couple weeks back). This gave me a clean face and got rid of all the oils before putting on this Prep + Prime. I used two pumps of the Prep + Prime and it went on my face really smooth and most importantly, it didn't give me an oily finish. I was completely in LOVE with this Prep + Prime as a base before putting on my foundation. The Prep + Prime is supposed to smooth your skin, reduce any redness, blots away excess oil and improves how your foundation or powder lays down on your face. It did all of that and more! I definitely recommend this to everyone as an essential because it definitely worked amazing on my face, especially on such a hot day! I thought my face would turn super oily because of the heat but this base definitely prevented that along with my oil fighting Biore scrub :)
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MAC Tapered Blending Brush - $28.00
This 224 blending brush from MAC is a very good brush that blends colors out amazing. The fibers contour to your crease perfectly. This brush really is great if you want to apply a color to your crease with precise control. Sometimes brushes are too big to give you that ability to put color right into the crease without it going all over but this one does the trick!
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MAC Lipstick in "Modesty" - $14.00
I really do love this color on my lips. It really is almost a cross between a nice nude color and a nice pink lip color. I probably should've taken a picture of the actual color on me ... oops :) Anyway, I wanted a slightly creamy lip color but not glossy and also not drying like other MAC matte lipsticks so I went with this color on their cremesheen line. Love it.
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MAC 188 Small Duo Fibre Face Brush - $34.00
This is the one item in my haul that I'm not a gazillion percent sure of lol. The only reason why I say this is because of the size. The foundation brush I have always used has been a flat foundation brush. Duo Fibre brushes are said to work really well for a more airbrushed look and that's why I picked this one up but I don't think I really took it's size into thought. This brush is more for light-weight foundation application. It is good for powder, fluid, creme, or pigment. For the coverage I want, I just ordered a flat top kabuki brush which is a bigger version with a wider top and a better handle. For those who do want light-weight coverage, this would be the brush for you.
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Philosophy Kiss Me Exfoliating Lip - $15.00
Lord knows I needed this so bad lmao. I absolutely love this lip scrub! I know everyone's lips can get real chapped and this can fix the problem right away. It has a real grainy texture, but smells amazing. Literally after just maybe a minute or two of rubbing this on my lips, they got so soft! All you do is rub some on your lips and wipe it away with a paper towel and your lips are smooth and ready for any lipstick or lipgloss. It works wonders because my lipsticks used to go on HORRIBLY because my lips weren't completely smooth. Now, my lipsticks go on so smooth and perfect. This product does an amazing job of getting rid of any dead skin on your lips. Definitely go out and get this product at any Sephora store. A little pricey but well worth it!

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