Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I ordered makeup brushes and some liners 2 weeks ago and it came in the mail within a few days! I was definitely supposed to throw this post up like last week when it all came it but I've been so busy! Anyway, back to the topic :)
I ordered the flat top ss197 Kabuki brush from Sigma Cosmetics because a) I heard so many good things about this brush for when you're applying foundation, and b) because I wanted to try out a new way of putting foundation on. Using a flat foundation brush sometimes had a matted down look after I put my foundation all and streaked at times.

REVIEW: Honestly, I'm in loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee with this brush. Like, I don't know when I'm even going to use my other Sephora #47 foundation brush. This flat top Kabuki brush from Sigma really gave an airbrushed finish to how my face looked after applying my foundation. When you use Kabuki brushesf ro foundation, make sure you go in a circular motion for that airbrush finished look. It's the perfect size and weight in my hands and is very comfortable to use. It also came with a plastic slip cover for the top of it to protect it's shape and if you're traveling with it. I definitely recommend this to everyone! Price: $16 from
*    *    *    *
The next thing I ordered were two gel liners from one of my favorite makeup lines, Coastal Scents. I already own their black gel liner in true black and I absolutely love love love it more than anything. My love for my black gel liner pushed me to order two more from their line.
I ordered the Envious gel liner which is like a nice colored green gel liner. It goes on rediculously smooth. Why did I order green of all colors? Because I own geen and also, sometimes having a simple face with a pop of color like this really pretty green always looks good. In the picture it looks a little darker than it really is. I probably should've done a swatch for how they really look ... oops lol.
*    *    *    *
Along with the Envious liner, I also ordered another gel liner in Sky Line. This is also such a pretty color that can be used with or without eyeshadow that will give you the pop of color that will make your eye makup look amazing. It also goes on rediculously creamy but not to the point of liquid consistancy. It's smack dab inbetween a sky blue and a deep navy-ish blue. Once again, I probably should've done swatches but oopsies. Price: $6.95 from I already have 3 palettes from them and I loveeeeeeeee them. Definitely check out their site for more cosmetics!
*    *    *   *
I also bought another 2 c139 Crease Brushes. A lot of my brushes that I use for eyeshadows are from Coastal Scents because they work really really well. I have other crease brushes from Coastal Scents, and the way I look at it is that you really can't have enough brushes lol. These blend colors in the crease and blend together so well. Price: $2.49 from For that price, you really can't beat it! Definitely grab these brushes!
*    *    *    *
On top of the 2 crease brushes, I also bought 2 angled liner brushes. I have a 3rd exact kind that I've been always using from my black gel liner and I just wanted that one brush to stay as the brush I ONLY used for black. I bought 1 of the extras for the new gel liner colors I just ordered. The 2nd one is for my eyebrows. These angled liner brushes work GREAT when you're defining your eyebrows. I lost my other one while moving out of my dorn -__- so I needed to buy an extra. Anyhoo, these last rediculously long so if you want good brushes at such a low price, these are the ones for you :) Price: $1.79 from

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