Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I don't even believe this one bit. This black woman, Mocienne Jackson, is coming forward with claims that she is Michael Jackson's DAUGHTER -___________- She has already filed legal documents that claim that wayyyyyy back in 1975, Michael Jackson (at 17) secretly impregnated her mom who she swears is DIANA ROSS'S SISTER -________________________- AND THEN she claims that when she was 9, Michael Jackson's mother sent out a group of men to kidnap her to hide her identity and to help Michael keep his image. Apparently she was kidnapped and shipped off to Belgium. Her "captors" have been "killed off" -________- After all that she's suffered, she is demanding part of Michael's fortune AND his kids because she can give them a better and more normal life.

Honestly, how WILDDDDDDDDDDD is this story? I see NO sign of Michael in this woman. Who the hell is she trying to fool?

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