Sunday, August 15, 2010

Snooki's Ex-boyfriend Emilio is furious and humiliated after seeing Snooki all over her other housemate Vinny. After a drunk night, Snooki asked Vinny if he wanted to fuck her and he said sure and they woke up the next morning together in bed. Here's what Emilio had to say about it:

How could she do this to me? I feel like a fool trusting her… My ex is a whore! I am doing an appearance at a club tonight (Thursday) and there are about 400 people here watching Snooki humiliate me on a huge screen. People are apologizing to me and offering to buy me shots. … But I can’t believe it… I never cheated on her and never would… It was Snooki who always accused me of cheating.

I called Vinny at the Seaside Heights house and asked him if he f***ed my girl. He hung up on me, so I called back and asked him again but he is such a sissy, he passed me to Jenni (J-WOWW). He did that because his mommy wasn’t there! Jenni told me she was going to call the police if I called there again and I told her she was a wh*re too because she cheating on Tom (Lippolis).

SMH. I'm honestly surprised the relationship lasted as long as it even did lmao. SMH. I don't even believe her and Vinny had sex. I know MTV was still rolling the cameras and I know they didn't show us what happened just to leave an unanswered question in the viewers' mind. Whatever the case, Snooki is nowwwwww single lol.

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