Monday, August 23, 2010

Somewhat of a quick update on my day:

Today we finally were able to get everything together and move into our apartment. Jessica whipped down with me in the disgusting rain to help me move all of my stuff into the apartment in South Orange. Lyric (who's living with me in the apartment) had her whole family there to easily help with moving her stuff in.

JESS & I on the other hand had to be men for the day and lugged all of my stuff into the apartment. It was honestly a damn struggle lmao. Who would've known shoes and clothes weighed as much as they do when they're all packed down together. Oh, moving my mattress in was mission fucking impossible. The security guard literally had us running around lugging this damn mattress because she clearly didn't feel like buzzing to unlock the door -_____- We were entirely TOO annoyed with that. I swear, the people with the EASIEST jobs in life have no problem making other people's lives difficult so they don't have to lift a finger to do basic ass things.

Anyway, after we got all my things into the apartment, it was unpacking time =). Our kitchen looks soooo cute and adorable with our stainless steel & black color scheme going on! Friday I'm supposed to get the two couches moved in (thanks to the help of Daddy) since there was no way anyone else was going to physically be able to lift those couches and carry them into the apartment.

Overall, I'm so happy to finally be moved it =D. I can't wait to be able to call another place HOME. I can't wait to not have to be under the house rules of parents.

Have to be grown and be independent at some point. I'm glad I'm reaching that point so soon ♥

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Sammie said...

Congrats on the apartment & the freedom! haha :)

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