Friday, August 20, 2010

I finally have time to put up pictures from the NYX makeup I ordered that came in along with the makeup I bought from Ulta :)

First up are all my NYX Lipsticks! Let me say that I completely am in love with alllllllllll of them lol. It was my first time wearing red lipstick ("Hero"). It was a gamble ordering it because I didn't know whether I'd like it or not. I'm more of a nude and pink lipstick person. Once I tried on my new deep red lipstick, I definitely was in love. I completely forgot to take pictures with each of these on but you'll eventually see them up :)
Let me just say that "Thalia" is probably my all-time favorite lipstick right now ... ever lmao. It's the prettiest pink that is light but not too too light. I'll definitely order a duplicate because I love it that much. Pictures of looks using this lippy will be coming soon :)
The NYX Lipgloss in "Beige" is also amazing. It gives a great color by itself or on top of any of the other pink lipsticks. The NYX Lipgloss in "Smokey Look" (below) looks more orange in the picture but it really is kind of a nude color. It also is great alone or on top of any nude colored lipstick.
I bought this NYX lipliner in "Natural" to go with the pink lipsticks I have. Lipliners always better define your lips and how they look when you put a certain color on. Your lips definitely look really different with it on. If you wear lipsticks, you definitely should get into lipiners. JUST DON'T EVER BUY BLACK lmfao.
I bought this Maybelline NY Eyeshadow Quad in "Velvet Crush". I never tried eyeshadow quads before so I figured why not try it now. I'll do a review and a look using this eyeshadow quad when I actually use it :)
The last item on the list is Covergirl's Lash Blash Fusion Mascara. Everytime I finish a mascara, I always like to go try a new one just to see if there's an even better one out there that I don't know about haha. I've went from Bad Girl Lash, to MAC's ZoomLash, to Dior's Mascara, to Ulta's Mascara, and now to Covergirl's. I'll probably use this today for the first time so I'll eventually blog about it and see if it lives up to all the hype!

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