Friday, August 20, 2010

Two days ago, my sister and I made a run to Woodbridge Mall for a shopping sesh and I decided to go into Steve Madden before we left. Of course I walked out with a new pair of stilletos to add to my collection =D. I am completely and utterly in LOVE with these bad boys. When the light hits them, I die inside lmfao. YES, they are that serious. They are covered in a gorgeous glitter material that looks even better in person. They're a nice 5 inches which is basically perfect height in my book. I absolutely ADORE these shoes. Price: $139 which I've convinced myself "isn't that bad" hahaha. I'm completely satisfied with my newest edition to my collection of heels ♥

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Wawa said...

no no no no no!! haha :) ive been seeing these in the mall and everytime i pass them i think i die a little inside! well im glad you got themm, rock them super good girliee :D

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