Saturday, May 22, 2010

Today at work this old woman came up to my counter (I work in Bloomingdales), and needed help. Just by looking at this woman I instantly became nauseas. Sounds like a bitch thing to say right? Let me tell you why.

Picture a tumor the size of your fist chillin' to the left of your upper lip. Now picture that same tumor all charred looking as if it was just set on fire. NOW also picture this tumor pussing. Oh wait, it doesn't end there. Now picture this poor old lady with this disgusting tumor that's all charred and leaking puss trying to find a phonebook to get a ride home, and as she's talking, her spit is seeping into her long chin hairs. Wait, there's more. Also picture random lines of spit attaching to the counter of the desk because she's so little that her fact barely reaches the top of the counter.

Not only was I so filled with nausea, I also felt so sad. Like, this lady must be suffering and there must be a reason why she hasn't gotten the thing chopped off or some of it removed. I could barely hear what she was saying because the tumor thing weighed down a portion of her mouth. All I could do was smile and listen to her pour her little heart out to me about her little dilemma's today and how she just came from a wedding yesterday and is too exhausted to continue shopping. Even though I couldn't understand much, I just gave her that warm smile to make her feel like I wasn't one of the people who probably just stood there with their eyes FIXED on the growth on her mouth.

At the end of her little story she said, "Thank you so much for listening!" and went on about her day.

Makes me appreciate the fact that I am in good health and am not suffering over any illness. I'm sure she was too before the growth began. It probably started off as like a sore or something and then kept evolving into something worse.

Thank you God for what I have as well as the serious illnesses that I don't have ♥.

Just had to share that story :)

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