Thursday, May 27, 2010

Being the "dedicated actor he his" *rolls eyes*, 50 Cent went on a drastic all liquid diet and dropped 54 pounds for the role in the up and coming film titled Things Fall Apart. This film is based on a true story about a football player who gets cancer. Along with the liquid diet, he was required to go on tredmill walks for 3 hours a day. Honestly, this man looks soooooooooo SICK. Then again, that's the look he's supposed to go for. His skin is probably disgusting up close because of how big and muscular he used to be. Now, his weight is in the high 100's, which is a HUGE jump from when he was in the 200 weight range.

I also heard on the radio that this movie went straight to DVD -_______- I'm not starving myself for a movie role that won't even be in theaters. I honestly don't get why he even did what he did when movies that just go straight to DVD don't make anywhere near as much as when they hit the theaters.

Well now he's getting ready to be back on tour and working out to get back to how he used to be. Will he look the same? Time can only tell.

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Savannah a.k.a. Seannah said...

He looks like a zombie :O

☻TABOO♥ said...

IF that is him.... where the hell is the big ass tat on his back? I cant believe it.

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