Saturday, May 29, 2010

According to The Dream's interview with Ms. Drama TV, he's done with the industry. Read his following quote and be annoyed with me please:

Nope, there’s not another album, this is it. Nobody appreciates music so I’m out. I’m out. I’m good, so take that. Like Jay said, maybe y’all will remember me when I fade to black. So it’s out.

Excuse me but since when has The Dream reached that status in the industry to refuse to put anymore records out? No one appreciates you because you've brought little to no substance to our ears. 'Birthday Sex' was the only song you will be known for. Your other attempts at music have been continuous epic fails. You shouldn't have even made this announcement. You should've just faded to black without the notice because no one would've noticed.

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Anonymous said...

jeremiah wrote birthday sex, not the dream. just saying.

Lali said...

oh, okay, oops. Either way, both of their careers are finished.

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