Tuesday, May 25, 2010

1. Reverse Cowgirl
When she's on top, encourage her to turn around and face away from you. This creates G-spot stimulation for her, and the change will help you hold out longer.
Switch it up: For more intense sensations, have her place her feet flat on the floor between your.
Perfect for: learning how she likes it

2. Woman Astride
From woman on-top missionary, have her draw her knees up until she's in a kneeling position, straddling your hips and sitting atop your pelvis. You get deeper penetration, a full view of the action, and can touch her clitoris and play with her breasts.
Switch it up: She can relieve some of her weight from your pelvis by leaning back and supporting herself on your thighs. 
Perfect for: letting her dominate while maximizing your pleasure

3. Cross Buttocks

She'll enjoy this because it stimulates the side of her vaginal walls, something she normally doesn't feel. Insert yourself into your partner in the missionary position, but lie across her pelvis, slightly askew, while still supporting your weight on your elbows.
Switch it up:If she wants more eye contact, transition back to missionary.
Perfect for: all-about-her sex

(via MensHealth) ♥

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