Thursday, October 7, 2010

Meet the two newest shoes that I've added to my collection!

These Guess "Bountiful" Faux Shearling Booties are to DIE for. No, like, legit to die for.
I went to the Bloomingdales at Short Hills Mall and saw both of these there and only decided to get the
pair in "Natural Suede". Then 2 weeks later went to the Bloomingdales at Bridgewater and picked up
the ones in "Black Suede". BOTH look amazing on my feet. These are the first two booties I
believe I even own. They're extremely comfortable to walk in.

It is suede on the outside, with a faux shearling lining.
It has a heel height of 4.24 inches which is something I could almost run in lmao.
There's also an inch platform. They're really easy to walk in even for those who aren't fond of heels.

PRICE: $139.00

(It didn't seem pricey for one but sure seemed pricey when I bought the second in the other color haha)
I definitely think people should get both though. Why not?  The natural color can go with so much, and
as far as the black goes, I just always have to have a black shoes so go cop them as well lol

Click here to buy!

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