Saturday, October 9, 2010

B2K member Raz B decided to make a WorldStar video talking about Rick Ross and Slim Thug's illuminati
hand signs being thrown up in their video together. He also attempts to talk about Jesus Christ
and them "repenting" .... -______________________________________-

I'm honestly too through with the whole "illuminati" nonsense.
How many of you who accuse a bunch of different artists of being in the Illuminati even know what that
is even about? SMDH. Raz B had the video playing in the background trying to point out
different times when Rick Ross and Slim Thug would throw up signals .. and I saw absolutely nothing.

Do us a favor Raz B and just stay irrelevant. Making nonsensical videos for WoldStar
as a failed attempt to get back into the spotlight are rediculous.
If Rick Ross and Slim Thug knew any better, they wouldn't even respond to such stupidity.
You're not relevant enough to have beef with relevant people.

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