Monday, October 11, 2010

I've honestly been meaning to let out my rant on how irritating irrelevant ass people can be.
Before I get started, let this be known: this is about as much spotlight 
as any irrelevant person will get from me.

Honestly, ever year, every month, ever day, every couple minutes, there's always an irrelevant individual
who seems to always have something to say. If it's not about me and what I do or say, then it's
about someone else who doesn't give a shit about them anyway.

They seem to pop out of the blue and it always gets back to me that they constantly
have something to say about my life.

Answer these questions for me:
Do you mean anything to me?
Have I steadily kept in contact with you?
Have I expressed my dislike for you?
Are you doing anything with your life to qualify to be somewhat relevant?

If you answered 'no' to questions 1,2, & 4,
then do me a favor and sit your irrelevant ass down somewhere.

You mean nothing to me and it will stay that way.
And refrain from referring to me in any conversation, Facebook status, etc.
because remember: you're irrelevant.

If you heard your name was referenced in a conversation by me,
your source lied. 
And if you actually were referenced by any slim chance,
it was probably just to acknowledge how irritating your failed public attempts at
staying relevant are to society.

This is the only time you will be acknowledged.
Believe that.

'Tis all .

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