Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The first episode was jammed packed with so much DRAMA! My goodness!
First of all, Malik has lost his goddamn mind. Sleeping with TT's girl because he didn't give you a ride?
Sleeping with the boss's girl yet you're still not getting paid? SMH, I can't.

Now let's talk about Tasha and Terrance's love story -___________-
When Terrance came into the room, I screamed. WTF is he doing on this show?
Outside of 106&Park, I can't take him seriously as an actor.

Let's hit Kelly and Jason's situation -______________-
First of all, Kelly has annoyed me from her first appearance on the premiere.
We get it: You're divorced. Sit down somewhere.
Now all the sudden she's not afraid of Tasha? AND keeps wanting to fight her?
ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I can't.
I still don't understand what's Jason's role in this season.
He seems like a completely unnecessary character this season.
Who was that corny black girl who came in with him when he walked in on Kelly filming?
Shorty has sunglasses on indoors and thought she was fly.

Now for Derwin, Melanie, and Janae.
First of all, Derwin was looking entirely too fine throughout the episode. Goddamn.
He did an amazing crying job when he cried on Melanie's shoulder. Hell, it almost made ME cry.

I didn't think Melanie was wrong for swabbing that baby's mouth.
I did want to smack the hell out of her friend who ran the Paternity test wrong though.
Now we're all types of up in the air about whether or not the baby is Derwin's because
when he asked Janae if it was, she had a dumb look on her face as if it really wasn't.
But the Paternity test said it WAS Derwin's? That part was too confusing.

I can't wait for the next episode!
This season of 'The Game' is going to be amazing!

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Bajan Beauty said...

I was shocked at Terrance J too, but I think it's gonna be good for the show cuz the shock and awe will keep us watching. I did like how his character is a mature young man. He was kinda sexy too but ewwww it's still Terrance, lol.

Kelly was erking me and she looks so old now, she doesn't have that vibrant young look about her. I'm not feeling the short hair at all.

Derwin, Mel and Janae all looked great! Melanie needs her a** beat cuz she is effing up already. Can't wait to see how this plays out.

Oh and Malik, smh. He is really on some new ish.

Call Me Alisha ッ said...

girl you are soo right.. i think that there is going to be some Dramma lol.. and i cant wait to watch.. I think that Derwin is soo DOM FINE.. holy... i only got to watch only like 23 mins onces i got home from work lol..

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