Saturday, January 22, 2011

Finally I have time to throw up my post about my Urban Decay haul!
I bought their loose pigments collection from Haute Look and 3 eye pencils because I couldn't resist.
Each loose pigment retails for $20 and the smoke out eye pencils are $14 each.
I'm completely in loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee with my order!
Every pigment is extremely pigmented and amazing.
I swatched and did a mini review for each pigment and pencil!.

Click the 'READ MORE' link for pictures, swatches, and more!

I love this color. It comes off very pigmented and is a gorgeous gold.
This is a really pretty turquoise color that is so pretty and just glides on.
Shag is a nice gold color with a slight peach undertone. It looks more gold
in this swatch but in person, there is a slight peach to this color.
This is a very pretty white color with tons of sparkle.
I'd definitely use this color for my inner tear duct area because it gives
you just the right amount of pop that you need but doesn't overdo it even with the sparkles.
I'm absolutely in LOVE and obsessed with this color. This is in the Urban Decay 'Naked' Palette
and I use it all the time when I use that palette. It's a grey/blue-ish type of color.
It does an amazing job to smoke out any look or define a crease. EVERYONE should own it!
This is a gorgeous deep purple color with silver flecks in it.
This is a color that's also amazing to do a smokey purple look with.
This is a really pretty pink color. The only downfall is that it is a kind of sheer
color with not as great of a payoff than the other colors in this collection.
This is a nice dark green color with a slight matte finish as well as silver flecks.
This is a nice light green color with a satin-like finish.
It reminds me of a color from Kat Von D's "Ludwig" palette called "Dimebag".
This color reminds me of the previous color "Rockstar" except it's much
darker and a deeper purple with blue and silver flecks in it.
X is definitely a gold with more of an orange undertone to it.
It's greatly pigmented and has a satin finish.
Baked is another gold color with gold flecks inside which sets it
apart from the other regular flat toned gold's in this collection.

Overall,I would definitely give this palette an A+.
It delivered on price, and most certainly quality.
Urban Decay never fails for me!

Click here to go to the Urban Decay website to order for yourself!

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