Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Aromaleigh Makeup haul finally came in after so long!
They were sadly going out of business :( but did have a great deal on their eyeshadows.
I believe I ordered 10 of them for $25, which to me, isn't bad at all.

Click the 'READ MORE' link to view all the eyeshadows and their swatches!
This is the packaging they all came in under the tissue paper wrap.
One of the eyeshadows leaked a little :( But not enough for me to think it was wasted.

Wave (Pure Eyes Collection
This color is a teal-like color with a matte finish to it.
Excellent color payoff and doesn't come of chalky even though it's matte.

Underworld (Elemental Lustre Collection)
Not one of my all-time favorites in my haul but it isn't horrible.
It's a silver color with hints of bronze in it as well.

Teal (Drama Queen Collection)
This is a teal color with flecks of silver in it as well.
It is really pigmented and glides on so smooth!

Cool It (Hi-Fi Matte Collection)
This is almost a neon light blue with a matte finish.
I love love love this color. It is very pigmented.
A little definitely goes a long way.

Kookie (Hi-Fi Matte Collection)
This is a really bright baby pink with a matte finish.
I love this color too. I think it's the cutest pink ever lmao.
This is another color where a little goes a long way.

Albicocca (Ciao Italia Collection)
This is a real pretty orange color with gold flecks in it as well.
It glides on really smooth with great pigmentation.

Fawn (Pure Eyes Collection)
This is a nude color with a matte finish.
This would probably be a great color to use as a highlight color.

Celadon (Pure Eyes Collection)
This is a teal color with a matte finish.
It did come of slightly chalky when I swatched it on my hand but
not so chalky that I don't want to work with it.

Green (Drama Queen Collection)
This is a green color with silver and gold flecks incorporated into it.
This might be my favorite color in my haul.
It truly is a gorgeous green with amazing payoff.

Curious Dream (Wonderstruck Collection)
This is a light green with a hint of teal kind of color.
Silver flecks are also incorporated.
This color is nicely pigmented and is a frosty color.

Overall, I completely love my haul from Aromaleigh!
I'm so mad that they're going out of business right after I realize how great the products are :(
Whenever I first use these colors, I will definitely put up a tutorial so stay tuned!

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