Tuesday, January 11, 2011

“Me and Nikki in our new crib, lol! Gettin busy on set of FLY!!! Its so hard to keep my hands off!” tweeted Rihanna. Nicki replied: “If we’re gonna liv 2gthr and hook up u gotta learn how 2 spell my name! Lmaooooooo. Gossip Gossip nigga just stop it!” to which Rihanna responded back with: “Bitch don’t u hear me askin what my OWN name is??? Lol! My bad, I’ll make it up to u wink.”

I'm trying to figure out when Rihanna and Nicki actually became close lol.
Lord knows what the hell Nicki is wearing.
BUT Rihanna's hair and makeup looks amazing!
The last time she did her red straight hair, it was a damn disaster.
I'm glad her hair stylist got it right this time.

Be on the lookout for the official music video for "Fly" to drop!

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