Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's official: Lil B is a goddamn weirdo.
In this interview with MTV, the correspondant tries to get to the bottom of Lil B's "Based God"
movement and music. Being that he's the one who made up the genre and is the only one doing it,
he's the only person who would know. By the end of this interview, we still don't know what
his music is really about, he reveals he wears the same tee and dirty shoes everyday, and
his jacking-off process -________________-

Who even listens to this man's music?
Being that I don't even understand it, I don't listen to it.

Your thoughts on this interview?

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Raeven Marie said...

what in the wild FUCK is this.
he's been out for the longest, like 5+ years and now everyone (well almost) is on this "based god" bandwagon.
can i call myself CUNT PRINCESS and get away with it? now that's the real question.

Lali said...

Everyone may be on this wagon but I'm not because the whole thing makes absolutely NO sense to me lmao

Anonymous said...

just cause you dont agree with it duzint meen you gotta dog on it. He duzint take shit seriouse and im sure he duzint actualy where that stuff every single day.

Anonymous said...

the fucc is wrong with that nigga.

Anonymous said...

He wears the shoes because he's trying to stay humble. Maybe if you branched out from boosie and webbie all the dam time maybe you could enjoy some stuff out of your comfort zone. But I guess thats how feeble minded people think these days :) SWAG!

nhughes said...

I don't see anything with wearing the same outfit everyday! I think its a good idea and it saved $$. I promised I wouldn't ever buy myself some Laboutin's until I made my first million. Its something I could definitely go without.

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