Tuesday, December 28, 2010

One thing that I wanted to get accomplished by March is
owning a nice collection of most, of not all, of NARS' blushes!
I work in Bloomies, and am always at the MAC counter buying.
Never did I turn around to see that NARS was like two stations away!

Click the 'READ MORE' link to see the coming NARS blushes!
NARS blushes go for $26. I don't really see that as too expensive,
but being that I want damn near the whole collection,
I should probably start seeing it as such lol.

NARS describes their blushes as such:

Made with transparent pigments for a soft and sheer look.
Imparts a natural, healthy glow for any skin tone and may be worn alone
or layered together for more depth and intensity.

Below are a couple of the different blushes that NARS has to offer.
The below photo credit goes to Accidental Beauty ♥! (clickable link. subscribe & follow!)
This woman is amazing! She also was the push I needed to want to grab these gorgeous blushes!
I've swatched a couple of these blushes before in-store and completely fell in love.
The consistency is amazing. The pigmentation is on point. The quality is definitely there.
There is such a variety of shades in their collection which is good because:

a) I will always have a variety to choose from.
b) any client that I do makeup for will also have at least 1 shade that looks amazing on them.

As I begin buying and collecting, I will be blogging and swatching!
So stay tuned!

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