Monday, December 6, 2010

 Finally I have time to pull up pictures from the shoes I bought at the crack of dawn on Black Friday!
I was honestly in shoe heaven at 5AM that morning!
More pictures, prices, and such after you click 'read more' =)

 I got these bad-boys at Menlo Park Mall I believe!
I actually saw these being tried on by some other girl next to me.
They looked so good on her feet so I just had to try them on, and
sure enough, I fell completely in LOVE =)
These are about 4.5-5" in heel height but very comfortable to walk in.
I don't have a color like this in my collection. I have so many dark colors so
this pale pink was a nice switch-up from my usual color choices.
Retail Price: $79.99 (I believe)
 *    *    *    *
 I've always wanted a shoe with that little strap that goes across!
When I saw this shoe from the window of 'Wild Pair' at Menlo Park Mall, I nearly died.
I love the platform on this shoe and LOVE the 5 1/8" heel height!
My legs looked exxxxxxxxxxxxxtra long when I tried these on.
I actually plan on wearing these this weekend =D So look out for the pictures!
Retail Price: $89.95
*    *    *    *
 These might just be my all-time favorite shoe.
Anyone who's seen them has completely lovedddddddddddddd this shoe!
It's the intricate detailing that runs through this entire shoe that got me.
They're extremely comfortable to wear even though they look like they'll break your neck.
And I love the grey-ish color in this shoe!
Retail Price: 79.99 (estimated)

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