Saturday, November 27, 2010

To My Followers & Readers,

I know, this is yet another time where I've been slightly mia from frequently posting =(
I'm really sorry. I swear, when I think I really do have time on my hands, it always turns out to be wrong.
I've been so busy lately with school and life in general!

You'd think I'd have all the time on my hands to blog during my little Thanksgiving break but not at all!

Let The Updates Begin:
  • Thanksgiving was amazing! Being home was amazing! I didn't realize how much I missed it until I actually got home. This Thanksgiving I actually helped with damn near everything that my mom had on her list to make. I enjoyed all the family that came over. A house full of little cousins was chaotic but fun at the same time! I stuffed my face from beginning to end =)
  • BLACK FRIDAY = SUCCESS!!! I was really feigning for Black Friday this year (don't even ask me why). Me, Gi, & Kira were out at 4AM that morning and made it back by like 9AM. We were serious about our shopping. We knew where we wanted to go, what we wanted to buy, and got everything. What helped was the massive online shopping I did when Midnight hit because many of the stores had sales that started at Midnight on Black Friday! I'm currently awaiting makeup and shoes from my online orders. I came back home from physically shopping with 4 pairs of shoes, clothes, and jewelry. *sigh* just hype off my purchases that day lmao.
  • I honestly had to make another bullet just to talk about the kind of spending I've done over this little Thanksgiving break. I've spent soooooooooooooooooooooooo much money, it's actually quite sickening. Now I'm forcing myself to cut back on spending once Monday hits. I need to give my credit card and debit card a break from the massive swiping that took place this weekend =( 

Future Posts On Sugar & Retail:
  1. Yet another cosmetics haul post - I'll be putting up pictures, descriptions, & reviews for the new makeup I purchased and am waiting to come in sometime this week from CS & MAC.
  2. More LOTDs (Look Of The Day) posts - I already have one look that I've done using Kat Von D's makeup palette. I'm sure there will be more throughout this coming week that I'll be doing so stay tuned for when I throw those posts up!
  3. More posts with my retail picks will be going up! I haven't done them as frequently as I used to but I promise they'll start up again =)
  4. Shoegasm posts will be coming back!
  5. Clothing Haul posts - I've done more shopping than a little bit -___- lmao. Be on the look out for pictures, prices, and more! 
  6. Sporadic Vlogs will be posted =D For those who don't know what a vlog is, it's like a blog post except video form. So many amazing bloggers/makeup gurus do so, so I figure I need to begin as well!
  7. I've been asked to do some posts that are geared for guys and no worries, I will be doing so whether that be retail-wise, advice-wise, or whatever the case may be.
& I think that's about it!
Stay tuned for everything! Thanks for those who keep checking back on my blog consistently
even if I don't post as frequent as I used to. You guys are amazing!

yours truly ♥

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Anonymous said...

hey bby you should post make up tutorials and tips on ur blog! that would be awesome!

Lali said...

I wish I knew who was calling my bby! lmao but I definitely will start doing video tutorials soon =)

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