Thursday, November 11, 2010

Looks like I've done a little makeup shopping this month =)
Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep the goods!
A few days ago I stopped at Walgreens and bought one of Wet N' Wild's Holiday palettes!
I absolutely am in LOVE with this palette.
The colors are extremely pigmented. No, ridiculously pigmented, which makes me love it more.
My favorite colors out of this palette are the bottom two.
The dark dark blue is absolutely gorgeous.
You get amazing quality for the price you're paying!
Price: $4.99 
This is the next thing I bought at Walgreens.
I really did just buy this brush set because it's ECO-FRIENDLY =)
Everything is recycled and cruelty-free.
All of these brushes work amazing. The hairs are ridiculously soft, but effective at the same time.
I definitely recommend everyone going out to get this because it comes with a little sac to carry them in.
Perfect for traveling!
Price: about $11.99
3 words: Completely. In. Love.
I pre-sold for this at the Bloomingdales in Short Hills about 3 weeks ago!
Just today I'm wearing it for the first time!
MAC has definitely stepped it's game up with this Pro Longwear SPF 10 Foundation.
It gives amazing coverage and gives a definitely matte finish to it, which works amazing for my skin.
If you have dry skin, I'm not sure how this would work for you, but if you have combo oily,
then this is THE product for you. It also feels like there isn't ANYTHING on your face.
That's one of the big pros to this foundation that you can't find a lot of other places.
It's supposed to last 15 hours. So far I have absolutely no complaints!
Price: $29.50
Along with the MAC Pro Longwear Foundation, I figured I would take the concealer as well =)
The concealer does the job it's supposed to do lol. Sometimes, I just walk out the apartment
with just concealer on to hide any blemishes I have and it looks great!
I definitely recommend getting this along with the matching foundation .
Price: $16.50

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Gaby said...

The Wet N' Wild palettes look gorgeous!

Ronesha said...

what color is your foundation?? I want to get it but there isn't a MAC in my town.

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