Tuesday, February 22, 2011

ASOS neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrr fails!
Today's retail pick of the day features this pleated bandeau dress from ASOS
that is made from a Body Con material that will hug every inch!
This dress is strapless and features a sweetheart neckline with pleated details throughout.
This dress comes in 4 colors: Navy, Nude Pink, Mink, and Purple.
Pair this dress with a pair of Steve Madden nude pumps or
a black encrusted pair of Sam Edleman pumps and you're good to go!

Price: $71.72

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bloginista said...

DAMN that's a sexy dress!! Nice pick girl!


mark girl Miriam said...

Nice dress. Lali I like your blog and subcribed dont forget to go subcribe to mine. :)

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