Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lately, it looks like a lot of people have been hit with the bug ...
the bug of not being able to mind their goddamn business :( It's sad actually.
Life would be so much easier if people just stayed out of other people's lives.

The big thing that irks me is when people who aren't even IN your life
want to have a say in things you're doing or things they THINK you're doing.
Like, if you don't back the mess up with that nonsense -_____-

Now, what I'm about to say goes for anyone who isn't in my inner circle:

If you THINK I'm thinking about you -- I'm not.
If you THINK I'm talking about you -- I'm not.
If you THINK I'm giving a damn about your life -- I'm not.
If you THINK your name rolled off me tongue, 1000% of the time -- It didn't.
With that being said, there should be no question about
who, between me and you, is minding their business.
If I'm not putting it out there for public knowledge to know, then just mind your business.

end rant.

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