Wednesday, September 15, 2010

To Everyone Who Continuously Reads My Blog,

I KNOW I've been on somewhat of a small hiatus. I think I maybe blogged twice since the end of August or something but never put it on Facebook that I had those new posts. Anyway, I've been super busy which is why I really haven't had the time to sit and just blog and blog and blog.

This year, I'm taking a full 18 credits and seem to always have some type of work to do. It took me the first week of school to even really get the hang of it all. Never have I ever had this much work to do -_______- I'm THE most unorganized person in the world and it really took me up until NOW to get myself together haha. I've stopped putting things off until the last minute. I always think I have more time than I really have which is why I haven't really had time to sit and blog (but of course, somehow I've had time for Facebook at night lol).

Anyway, I think I'm back and in action haha. My hiatus is over. I won't be blogging a lot every single day but I definitely won't be blogging as little as every 2 weeks. I'll have a steady amount of posts going :)

Oh, and MY BIRTHDAY IS SUNDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY & THE FESTIVITIES START TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!! I'm excited to go in for this whole weekend. It's much needed and well deserved.

Tomorrow I'm going puppy searching and am tooooooo excited because I can't wait to get a puppy and dress it up in frilly sparkly pink things and spoil it like it's my own child :) Updates on that will be coming soon!

As far as makeup goes, I've gotten hitups via Facebook messages about doing people's makeup. I WILL BE DOING MAKEUP STARTING NEXT WEEK. I know I'm starting kind of late but better sort of late than never right? If you need your makeup done, let me know through here, via Facebook, bbm, or however you feel you want to contact me :)
People ask me where I got this neutral look from and I got it from the Urban Decay 'NAKED' Palette (which I've totally been neglecting up until recently). I used 'half baked' all over the lid and 'hustle' in the crease I believe. For those who ask what foundation I use: the foundation I use is from Makeup Forever HD Foundation. It's my absolute favorite favorite favorite on this planet, so go get it if you're looking for a new foundation :)

Ok, that's about all I have to say for a semi-quick update!

Yours truly,

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Wawa said...

just letting you know that i adore your blog and i gave you the SUNSHINE AWARD :) CHECK IT OUT ON MY BLOG !


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